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Advantages And Disadvantages Essay 9mm

Reduced power consumption, increased efficiency, improved longevity, superior lighting quality, greater versatility and customizability and more environmental sustainability are just some of the advantages of LED lighting. But what are their disadvantages and should you invest in converting your home or place of business to replace traditional incandescent lighting with LEDs?

advantages and disadvantages essay 9mm

Mortars of all sizes were used on the Western Front. Their size and mobility offered advantages over conventional artillery as they could be fired from within the safety of a trench. They were also effective at taking out enemy machine gun and sniper posts.

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) makes up the majority of testing performed in our industry. There many different types of nondestructive testing techniques. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages; each can detect different types of flaws....

The disadvantages of toluidine blue include the risk of obtaining a false negative reaction in a case where the patient is not followed up adequately. In contrast, the infrequent false-positive only subjects the patient to a biopsy. No in vivo observations or reports have suggested a mutagenic effect from this stain. (8)

Both CT and MRI have limitations as well as advantages, a fact that frequently makes them complementary rather than competitive studies. The advantages of CT include its rapid acquisition time (2-3 seconds per section), patient tolerance, relatively low cost, and superior osseous detail compared with MRI. However, the soft-tissue contrast resolution of CT is relatively poor, which makes it difficult to distinguish between tumor and normal muscle. CT also may require the administration of intravenous contrast material to differentiate vessels from lymph nodes, thereby increasing the risk of an allergic reaction. In addition, CT is frequently degraded by scattered artifacts because of metallic dental appliances. (14)


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