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Buy Land In Ireland

Please note* You obtain a personal right to a souvenir plot of land. This is a form of heritable property that you can pass on to future generations. We remain as the registered landowner and manage the land on your behalf. You will be addressed as Lord or Lady of Ardmore by us and within our 300,000+ strong community. Please note you cannot buy a noble title. This is for enjoyment purposes only.

buy land in ireland


There are multiple ways to source your perfect plot. After deciding on a location that suits you, your first step should be to contact local land agents and estate agents to outline your needs and establish whether they have anything suitable on their books. There are also specialist land-finding agencies in Ireland. You can also consult the local council, who will be able to alert you to any land currently for sale, or soon to be for sale.

Unless you opt for a developer to build your property, you will need to source an architect who is a member of the Royal Institute of Architects Ireland. A decent architect will also be able to suggest a number of builders, but definitely conduct your own research and source a variety of quotes to ensure you secure a competitive price for the actual build of your property. Ask to speak to past customers and to inspect homes your potential builder has completed.

Before you splash out on a plot when you move to Ireland, you must employ the services of a chartered surveyor to confirm the site is suitable to build on. They will be able to foresee any problems, which will help with your decision-making and your budget, such as old foundations, tunnels beneath the site, wells and so on. Any surveyor you employ should be registered with the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland.

Due to the demand for new homes in Ireland, prices have increased significantly in the last few years, but it remains possible to find a plot, build a home and still spend less than you would have done for an existing property.

Additionally, you must check whether there are restrictions on the type of building which may be constructed on the plot. In some areas, for example, there may be limits on the height and size of a building, or how close your potential property is allowed to be to adjacent properties or power lines. Also, have a read of the title documents for the plot to establish ownership and conditions that might scupper your building plans. You can access these title deeds via Land Direct Ireland.

Plots of land vary in cost wildly depending on the area. Due to the demand for new homes in Ireland, prices have increased significantly in the last few years, but it remains possible to find a plot, build a home and still spend less than you would have done for an existing property. Prepare for the cost of your plot to account for 50% of your budget. As a general rule, the more land you buy, the cheaper it is! There is no VAT charged on the actual plot of land, but it will be payable at a rate of 12.5 percent on the cost of the building itself. VAT should be included in the quote you receive from your builder. Architects fees tend to be calculated as around 10% of the total cost of the build.

Since 2013, the average purchase price for real estate in Ireland has risen almost 90%, with extremely strong performance in some areas including the capital, Dublin.

The outlook for 2022 remains fairly optimistic, despite pressures due to global political uncertainties and the ongoing economic impact of the pandemic. While in many countries the real estate market may cool in the light of increased inflation, analysts suggest that the lack of ready supply of housing in Ireland may keep prices buoyant.

Use this guide to buying property in Ireland as a starting point to find your new home - and don't forget that you can save on your international transfer costs if you choose a Wise low cost international payment instead of sending money with your regular bank. Good luck!

The good news is there are multiple ways of buying land in Ireland. Once you have done your research to find your ideal location, the next step is to contact the land agents local to that area, give them a brief of your requirements and find out if they have anything for sale that meets your needs. If this proves to be a challenge in your chosen region, you can also appoint a land-finding agency to assist you with your search. The local council will be able to advise if there is any land currently for sale or soon to become available for sale within their area.

If you are starting from scratch with a plot of land, you should set up a preplanning meeting with the local authority once you have identified the spot for you. This meeting will give you an idea of any restrictions, specific requirements and ultimately, the likelihood of your planning application being approved.

The alternative financing option is a land bridging loan. Bridging loans are available for land with or without planning permission and can be used for any purpose. Bridging loan finance can be arranged quicker than traditional finance options which could take months to obtain. A bridging loan fits perfectly for those customers still obtaining planning permissions for the site in question, as it allows them to progress with their land purchase and gives them the flexibility to then switch to a self build mortgage once permission has been granted.

A land bridging loan can be used to buy the land, obtain planning permission and even to sell it to another developer, depending on your requirements. Often developers need to make quick decisions when it comes to securing the right land. A bridging loan can be issued in as little as seven days.

The finest skilled and reputable experts can often be found by asking for recommendations locally. Choosing a developer to carry out the build will cover a number of bases. If you are not going down that route, you will need to find an architect who is registered with the Royal Institute of Architects Ireland. A good architect will be able to recommend some reputable builders for you to research and obtain quotes from. In addition, a good builder will be happy to refer you to past customers to inspect their homes as an example of their work and skills.

In addition, you will need an experienced and chartered land surveyor. They will confirm that the site is suitable to build on. They will be able to advise on any foreseeable problems, for example, old foundations, tunnels beneath the site, wells or anything else. Ensure any surveyor you employ is registered with the society of chartered surveyors.

2022 Novellus Bridging is a trading style of Novellus Finance Limited registered in Ireland.Company No. 710946. Registered address: Novellus Bridging, Fitzwilliam House, 3/4 Pembroke Street Upper, Dublin, D02 VN24

Our family and friends were in awe when we told them we bought land in Ireland and was transferring it to the winner of our St Patricks Day party hat contest. I think you could have heard a pin drop among the 65 people in attendance, when we mentioned

Gentlemen - I just received my piece of Ireland and I am thrilled with the presentation. This is to be a graduation gift for my daughter. We visited Ireland together last May for my 50th birthday and now it is her dream to move there one day. She has immersed herself in all things Irish since we have returned - food, music, movies, literature and legends. She is going to love this gift.

We set out to establish a way for anyone who calls Ireland their spiritual or ancestral home, or who simply admires the unique blend of unspoilt natural beauty and rich cultural diversity of our country, to be able to say that they have their very own piece of Irish countryside.

Working with a local real estate agent when you purchase a plot of land in Ireland helps you navigate the finer details like negotiations, due diligence and closing the deal. It is important to work with an agent who has extensive experience negotiating land deals specifically.

Similar to a home purchase, you need to set a budget before looking into buying land in Ireland. Typically, land purchases are done in cash as most lenders are not inclined to provide funds for undeveloped land. This means you want to have as much money put aside as possible to secure the plot of land you like.

The purchase of vacant land in Ireland could be the right move for you. You can custom-build a house or a building that meets your needs. This can be the perfect investment as you improve the property and allow its value to increase.

Working with experienced professionals is the best way to ensure the plot of land you buy in Ireland is up-to-code. They can help you complete environmental tests, order a survey and assist you through the additional work needed to both build a home on the property and make it fully accessible. With these details in mind, you can make your vacant land purchase worth the investment.

Just wanted to let you know that I just recieved the 4 land pieces I purchased amd am very pleased with the pakaging and info included. I hope the 4 guys I am giving them to at Christmas are as pleased. Very fast service. Thanks so much for these one of a kind gifts that I bet no one else buys for them.

I purchased several plots as Christmas presents for my whole family and hope to get them all a visit during the next Irish Gathering. Lyn has been amazing and her passion shone brightly during our visit to the Emerald-Heritage land in the gorgeous Glens of Antrim.

Families interested in owning 4 or more plots of Irish land (4 single plots/2 joint square foot plots) together will receive a 10% discount at the checkout as a thank you for their support and conservation of the Irish countryside

The Land Acts (officially Land Law (Ireland) Acts)[1] were a series of measures to deal with the question of tenancy contracts and peasant proprietorship of land in Ireland in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Five such acts were introduced by the government of the United Kingdom between 1870 and 1909. Further acts were introduced by the governments of the Irish Free State after 1922 and more acts were passed for Northern Ireland. 041b061a72


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