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Where To Buy Christmas Trees In Brooklyn ~REPACK~

If you don't want to shlep a tree from the vendor lot to your apartment, you may decide to order online. NYC trees is another popular location in Manhattan and Queens that offers the ability to order online with free delivery to every borough except Staten Island. Christmas Trees Brooklyn is a family-owned business near Prospect Park that allows online orders, offers decorations and add-ons, and free, scheduled delivery anywhere in the five boroughs. Tree Riders NYC is another popular option that sells Balsam and Fraser Firs online, in addition to Christmas accessories like bows, lights, and wreaths. Or you can also just shop on Amazon and find a wide selection of artificial trees if you prefer to keep the stray pine needles out of your house. Online vendors offer ease and convenience, but they also tend to be a bit pricier, and you can't inspect the tree before it's delivered. So, make sure to find a reputable vendor with positive customer reviews.

where to buy christmas trees in brooklyn

Brooklyn Tree Farm wants you to have perfect Christmas tree buying experience. We were frustrated with having to choose between haggling street vendors or the skimpy trees at national retail chains. This is not how the Christmas tree buying experience should be. Brooklyn Tree Farm sources our beautiful trees from family operated tree farms. We only buy top grade trees, so there are no skimpy trees in our inventory. We have upfront pricing on our trees to make choosing a Christmas tree easier. We provide delivery to your home or office and install your tree right where you want it. Our commitment to great service means the whole process will be easy and hassle free.

Foley Firs does not accept returns. Our christmas trees have a guaranteed freshness and last on average until the end of January. All trees are cut a week before delivery and any problems after purchase are most likely due to individual care. Please remember to read our care instructions for the best advice on keeping your Christmas tree fresh!

Nationwide, the Christmas tree business is a very lucrative industry. Americans spent $2.56 billion on Christmas trees in 2018, and 25 to 30 million families buy live trees every year. A tree purchased on the street in New York may cost anywhere from $35 to $200, depending on its size, its type, and the neighborhood where it is sold. The most expensive trees are Fraser firs, prized for their two-toned needles (dark green on top and silver underneath) and their ability to hold up to indoor heat. Balsams, Douglas firs, and spruce trees are cheaper. 041b061a72


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