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Buddy Daddies 1 [2021]

You know, Shane Black? Writer of classic action flicks like Lethal Weapon, Last Action Hero, The Long Kiss Goodnight, and Predator? The director of all-time buddy-comedy gumshoe farce, The Nice Guys? The dude behind one of the only genuinely great Marvel Cinematic Universe flicks, Iron Man 3? Look, the point is that Buddy Daddies manages to avoid feeling like SPY x FAMILY's lesser sibling by zigging where that show zags and embracing the pulpy vibes of the buddy action capers of yesteryear. SPY x FAMILY is about an emotionally stunted fairy-tale spy who fake marries an equally naïve assassin lady to pretend-but-also-totally-for-real-adopt a cute little psychic girl, and sure, people die and all that, but there is a certain broad charm to the whole world of the show that keeps things feeling mostly light, and old fashioned. Buddy Daddies, though? Our hero is a serial philanderer who cannot help but stick his Glock into whatever holster he can persuade into his bedroom between all of the bouts of killing so many people alongside his equally murderous and dead-eyed best friend. I was halfway convinced that the joke was going to be that Kazuki and Rei only adopted Miri because they accidentally (or totally on-purposely) shot her parents in the face. It's still pretty funny when we learn that the real reason that Miri has ended up in Kazuki's life is that he's such a womanizer that he probably has a half-dozen other cute little cartoon mascots running around out there that he doesn't even know about.

Buddy Daddies 1

A reserved man who enjoys gaming in his spare time, Rei contrasts sharply with his best friend and gaming buddy, Kazuki, who is more outgoing and has a fondness for the ladies. An incident occurred when the two friends were caring for Miri Unasaka, a young girl who had gone in search of her father and become caught in the crossfire. For anime fans who are craving similar shows, check out the titles below. 041b061a72


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