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Arcade Paradise

The game never stops! Continue to grow your arcade with additional DLC - expanding the original 35+ games with brand new games such as the light gun based 'Smoke 'Em' - or licensed cult classics such as Hello There Games 'Kung Fury' Based on the 80's action homage brawler!

Arcade Paradise

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Second, and most importantly, you can play all of the 35+ arcade games. The majority of these games are superb, packed full of features and nostalgic soundtracks that harken back to their classic inspirations. A Pac-Man clone with a Grand Theft Auto reskin? An Out Run and F-Zero-inspired racer? A match-three puzzle game with light RPG elements? Yes to all of this. We often forgot about the clothes we threw into the wash moments before as we tried to reach higher scores on some of our favourite machines.

Every year I forget what August is like for gaming. It's like the games industry is encouraging us to get outside more. This looks OK, and they've selected a great release window for sure, but yea, the idea of managing laundry to unlock arcade games makes me just want to do my actual laundry and reward myself with playing any number of games on the Switch!

I'm glad Lowell found a lot to like in this game, and no doubt I will happily unlock all the arcade cabs, too. I'll really be looking forward to getting my copy in the mail, hopefully not too long from now. Delayed gratification is still gratification!

@dadrester I've been looking forward to this for what seems like forever! I've had my physical copy preordered and I'm so excited to dive in. Had NO IDEA there was a laundry portion and that seems like a nice balance for the game in general otherwise it'd be like a knock-off compilation of fake games.Anyway, now the wait continues but I'm glad it's not a very long one. I'm so happy this reviewed well because I think this is a pretty original idea so it's great to see it was executed just shy of flawlessly.See ya'll in the arcades!

The management concept sounded promising, but the idea of playing through crappy replica arcade games sounds awful. This could have been so much better if the arcade cabinets were based on real-life ones from years gone by.

If actually playing the arcade games is entirely optional, then I could be swayed. I ought to check out some gameplay footage, as this is a rare case of a review not exactly painting a picture for me.

@dadrester We've only tried the air hockey one in multiplayer so far, he's better than me sadly... I'm not sure what it says about me, but I'm quite into just doing the laundry and cleaning up the litter! Looking forward to unlocking more of the arcade games (I have 6/7 at the moment I think).

Arcade Paradise is a management game with a twist. Players begin by running their family laundromat at the request of their father. Washing clothes, picking up trash, and cleaning the toilet are all part of the daily duties needed to keep the place ticking over. The back storage room is where the real game begins, however, as it's in here that players find a few dusty old arcade cabs for customers to play.

In the cabinet's hoppers, there is more cash than in the token machine for the laundromat, leaving the playable character with the idea to get some more arcade machines in and make some real money. Managing the laundromat may be tricky, but placing the right machines in the arcade is even trickier. There are 35 different arcade machines to buy for the laundromat, but choosing the best arcade games in Arcade Paradise can make a huge difference to players' profits.

Stack Overflow brings all the fun of working a crane in a warehouse to the arcade. Yes, this may sound a tad dull, but players should give Stack Overflow a chance as they'll soon discover that it's one of the most addictive puzzlers to place in the arcade.

Dancing games are the staple of any good arcade, especially those which allow for two players. Cyber Dance ticks both of these boxes confidently. One of the more expensive machines in Arcade Paradise, Cyber Dance is definitely worth picking up once it becomes available.

Just like with a real-life dance machine, players are complete with selectable tracks, each with its own BPM count. Some of the faster tracks can really test the player's reflexes, so, while certainly enjoyable, this may not be one for the faint of heart. For those who enjoy a challenge though, Cyber Dance is easily one of the best arcade games in Arcade Paradise.

As anybody old enough to remember will already know, a major player in any worthy arcade was Outrun. The Outrun games were a huge success and even made their way to consoles over the years, winning over fans worldwide with their fast-paced driving antics and incredibly synthwave soundtracks.

The classic, Video Air Hockey. The first cabinet players see in the arcade, mostly as it is fixed in place due to its giant size. One of the best money earners in the entire game is Video Air Hockey. Players can expect to be lifting upwards of a hundred dollars a day from the hopper here.

So, what is Arcade Paradise? Essentially, it's a management simulation game where your job is to run a laundromat business - and that means doing the washing and the drying, picking up bits of trash and cleaning the toilet. Your side hustle, however, is running an arcade in the back room, and as the game wears on, you can build your arcade to such a level that the laundromat becomes much more of an afterthought in terms of profits.

All in all, it's possible to build up enough cash to acquire around 35 unique arcade machines, and every single one of them is playable. In fact, the game encourages you to play them in order to not only boost the profit of the machine, but also to complete goals and earn extra money to spend on upgrades. They range from quick, bite-sized titles like a Pac-Man/GTA clone called "Racer Chaser", to multi-hour experiences like the puzzle-RPG game, "Woodgal's Adventure". It's actually really impressive how enjoyable and in-depth some of these arcade games are, so it's always a thrill when you get the chance to add a new machine to your collection.

The laundromat side of things is quite an important part of the game initially in order to earn cash, which might prove a bit tedious for some (after all, it's basically simulating work), but to be honest we quite enjoy the routine of putting some laundry on, clearing up trash, going into the arcade and completing some goals, and then rushing back to quickly remove the washing from the dryer in order to earn as much money as possible from a customer. But as we said before, as your arcade begins to build, you'll start earning a lot more from your machines anyway.

There is a management aspect to the arcade too. You can choose where you place your machines in order to drive popularity, as well as select how difficult they are and how much they cost to play. Other unlockables, such as buying tunes for your jukebox, as well as the ability to hire an assistant and even extend or slow down the work day, become available to you after a short while via the 90s PC in the staff room.

We've still got a ways to go until we're finished with Arcade Paradise, but so far we're really impressed. The laundromat part of the game won't suit everyone, but in our opinion it's actually pretty darn engrossing, while building and managing your arcade is consistently enjoyable and the machines themselves are packed with a surprising level of depth. At a very reasonable base price of just $19.99 on the Xbox Store, this one's definitely worth adding to your wishlist.

Shuttlecocks: Is Pong. Nothing fancy, no additions, just good old Pong. I love how this one is presented in the game because it does look like the original Pong arcade cabinet. The screen even has interference and static just to add to the very, very, old-school vibes. The all-time arcade classic reborn in a game that celebrates arcade classics.

Toad and Turtle: Is another clone of another arcade classic, Frogger. Controlling a toad, you have to make it across a busy road and all while dodging traffic. Jump on logs and turtles in a river, to then take little toad home to safety. Rinse and repeat while you try for that elusive high score. I loved Frogger in the arcade and I love this version of it too.

Each of the arcade cabinets you bring in can be played and are their own self-contained game-within-a-game. While some of them are extremely derivative of popular arcade games from a bygone era, others are pretty clever little creations. The thing is: you never really know what to expect.

There seems to have been a deliberate willingness to sacrifice an authentic arcade experience. Some concepts are contrary to the limitations of the arcade, such as progress. Some games allow you to buy upgrades and keep them permanently, essentially making the game easier over time. While a normal cabinet presents an endurance challenge that can only be overcome using skill, practice, and quarters, Arcade Paradise would rather you enjoy yourself.

I have to confess, all I knew going into PAX East and meeting the team behind Arcade Paradise was that the game revolved around building up an arcade in an old coin wash business. Once I sat down and tried it, and chatted with the developer, I discovered a truly deep experience that was frankly mind-blowing in scale.

A PC seemingly equipped with Windows 95 and basic email systems is readily available. A cheap upgrade adds a media player allowing music and low rez videos to be played. The starter arcade machines are all playable and frankly fun as heck to try out.

Just playing the games yourself adds to the business and gives perks to Ashley, the building and the games themselves adding even more incentive to try them all. The sheer depth of this game was both surprising and gratifying as I played through the burgeoning arcade empire. 041b061a72


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