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Barcode Toolbox For Mac

The function of these plug-ins is dual. On one side, you can create barcodes, and on the other side you can verify barcodes that are already in the artwork. The Illustrator version supports creation and verification of barcodes.The Acrobat version supports verification of barcodes.The plug-ins can also work in a demo mode, so that you see how the product works and you can check the quality of the generated barcodes. In the demo mode all barcode types can be used, but the codes can only contain the digits 0,1 and 2 Supported Barcodes: EAN 8 EAN 13 Code 128 UPC/A UPC/E UPC/EAN 128 ITF 14JAN 8/JAN 13 ISBN (Bookland) ISBN-EAN (Bookland EAN) ISSN EAN13 Coupon UPC Coupon Marks&Spencer 7B

Barcode Toolbox For Mac


This short name makes you think this tool only generates barcodes, but that is incorrect. As you can see in Figure 1, this tool generates all kinds of codes, including QR codes, UPC codes, and many others!

Need to double-check what a code refers to? Then as Figure 2 shows, this is the tool for you. Users can either drag an image onto the tool, or simply bring the code in front of the camera to instantly recognize a barcode.

Use this tool to the generate barcodes. You need to enter text or a URL, choose your barcode format, and the tool will seamlessly generate a barcode or a QR code image. You can then copy the barcode to the clipboard or save it as an image file for printing.

pdfToolbox allows you to place 1D codes (i.e. barcodes such as EAN 13) and 2D codes (i.e. QR matrix codes or data matrix codes) on PDF pages. pdfToolbox supports over 100 different types of 1D and 2D codes, covering all such codes used in practice. Extensive information regarding the various 1D and 2D codes can be found in the pdfToolbox Reference Manual.

Important: The value entered must consist of 12 or 13 digits. If 12 digits are entered, pdfToolbox will automatically calculate the required check digit. If 13 digits are entered, the 13th must be a valid check digit, otherwise the attempt to place the barcode will return an error. When testing the system, provide a 12-digit value.

Clearly, the positioning of the EAN 13 code as shown here will not be suitable in most cases. In practice, you will usually need to make adjustments to the position of the barcode on the page as well as its size. Consider also whether a barcode is required on every page or only on certain pages.

Being a standalone application adds some other perks. For instance you can do batch generation of barcodes using a list of codes as input. Again, the output is vector, so you get the best possible quality.

Another feature is command line barcode generation. Basically, if you need to automate your barcodes, you can use any automation software to pass the codes as command line parameters to the barcode generator and get the output for further processing. This is impossible with a plugin that is designed to fit the user interface of your vector graphics editor.

The software lets you create barcode labels with your design. It is focused on the graphics appearance not just data, so you can control many aspects of the output like colors, fonts, sizes, margins etc.

All the main barcode symbologies are supported: UPC A, UPC E, ISBN 13, EAN 13, EAN 8, CODE 39, CODE 93, CODE 128, GS1 128, GS1 Databar, Codabar, I2/5, ITF 14, PHARMA, PDF 417, Aztec, Data Matrix and QR codes.

The software lets you customize absolutely everything: from fonts to bar widths, from colors to margins. Spot colors are supported for vector output. You get exactly the barcode you need with assured printability.

Our barcode software supports bulk processing, so you can configure a barcode and provide a list of codes. The software will run through it and make as many barcodes as you need. Multiple copies are also supported.

Need command line processing? The software can be used in batch scripts without showing any user interface. You configure the barcode, then simply pass some command line parameters and get the output image in the format you need.

The software is perfect for making custom labels with barcodes for inventory management or asset tracking. Make a barcode, add the texts you need and send to barcode printer right from the application! Use batch generation if multiple barcodes are needed.

We provide a free demo version of the barcode software that lets you try the product and decide if it fits your requirements. Click the Download button at the top right corner of this page to get the demo.

Scalable Compact fonts are USPS compliant when printed at 14, 15 or 16pt. Only the barcode string of the scalable 14pt Compact fonts (PS3 or TTF) is less than 3 inches; however, these barcode strings risk non-compliance when printed on imprecise printers.

Barcode Studio is the perfect tool for designing and creating barcodes. This barcode creator software supports all common linear codes, all 2D-Codes and GS1-DataBar/RSS. Barcode Studio prints the bar codes on any printer or saves them as images. Please select the operating system on which you want to use Barcode Studio.

Many people use Illustrator for designing book covers, blisters or packaging. In most cases barcodes have to be added to the artwork.There are two ways to create barcodes in Illustrator: You can use an integrated solution, like a barcode extension or plug-inor you can use an external barcode generator to create the code and then import it into Illustrator. In this tutorial we look at the different options for adding a barcode to your artwork.

The easiest way to create a barcode in Illustrator is via a barcode extension or plug-in. A fully integrated solution saves time and reduceserrors. In this and the following sections, we'll show you how to create a barcode and add it to your artwork. The screenshots show the Softmatic Barcode Extension for Adobe Illustrator 2021; if you want to follow along, you can download it from the Adobe Exchange or from the Creative Cloud app (tab Stock & Marketplace > Plugins and search for "softmatic").

We begin by selecting the required barcode symbology. In this example we will be creating a Code EAN 13 barcode. EAN 13 is used for retail and is one of the most used barcode symbologies. It is easily recognizable by the characteristic bar pattern and the single digit on the left side of the symbol.

Note how the extension automatically calculated and appended the check digit ("0") to the data so that the text line under the code now reads "5012345678900". As a rule, the extension will always recalculate the check digit to make sure a valid barcode can be created.

EAN 13 is standardized; the extension will by default create an EAN 13 in size SC 0, resulting in a barcode that is c. 26mm high and 37mm wide (more about EAN / UPC SC sizes and dimensions). We want a larger code (SC 6) but with half height (50%). Note how the preview is updated in realtime as you set styles and size:

Tip: The inserted barcode is an ordinary graphic element. As such it can be freely moved around, rotated or scaled to fit your designs. We recommend setting up a dedicated layer for your barcodes and then lock the layer to prevent accidental changes to the code. See best practices further down.

In addition to the standard retail barcodes, the Softmatic Barcode Extension also supports a wide range of linear and 2D matrix codes and will also let you create QR codes directly in Illustrator - ideal if you want to add codes with URLs or email addresses to your document.

The barcode extension works stand alone, no online access, external components or barcode fonts required. Illustrator documents with barcodes are free of dependencies and can be shared without restrictions.

  • The Softmatic barcode extensions for InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop are available on the Adobe Exchange and from the Softmatic online store. Adobe Illustrator - Using a barcode generatorA stand-alone barcode generator is preferable if you use an older Creative Suite version of AI (CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 etc.) that doesn't support the plug-in.Our recommendation here is Softmatic BarcodePlus V5, download here (macOS 10.15 or higher, pre 10.15: here, Windows 10 here). The app creates all common retail barcodes, like EAN, UPC or ISBN and will save codes as EPS/PDF and in various raster formats. In addition BarcodePlus V5 supports a wide varietybarcodes for warehousing, pharmaceuticals and 2D symbologies like QR, Aztec or PDF417.Barcodes in Adobe Illustrator - Best PracticesWhen working with barcodes in Illustrator, please consider the following best practices:Before creating the barcode, talk to your print shop about the requirements with regard to bar width reduction.Reasonable values are: Offset printing: 1-2%

  • Laser printing: 1-2%

  • Thermo-, thermotransfer printing: 0%

  • Inkjet printing: Plain paper - 5%, Inkjet paper - 1-2%

  • Pad printing: up to 10%

  • The Softmatic generators and extensions create barcodes in pure black (CMYK: 0 0 0 100). Per default, Illustrator will convert pure blacks into so called "Rich Blacks" (typically CMYK: 50 50 50 100) for export. This can cause issues with misaglined printing plates, resulting in bars that look fuzzy or have a color halo. For best results, set Preferences > Appearance of Black to "Output all blacks accurately".

  • Place the barcode artwork on a separate layer. Lock the layer against accidental changes. A separate layer can also be useful to create a barcode template, for example when you have QR codes with URLs or email addresses that don't change often.

  • Leave space of at least 5mm around the barcode. This space is off limits for other artwork.

Never modify the actual barcode within


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