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[S3E21] Cause And Effect

Time is fragile. One change to the timeline has long-lasting ripple effects. Barry's certainly made his share of changes to things. I've lost track of how many earths he's jumped to on The Flash Season 3 alone.

[S3E21] Cause and Effect

So I can, and will, suspend disbelief and accept that Savitar came into existence due to Barry's manipulations. And I'll take it a step further and accept that he can't kill him because he would still exist somehow.

Joe: I haven't seen him this happy in a long time.Iris: Try ever. It's the first time he hasn't been weighed down by the tragedies of his past, you know? First time he's actually been free of them.Joe: You don't want his memory restored, do you?Iris: Dad, I can't say that seeing him happy and light isn't something that I have wished for him because yeah, it is.

Barry comes face-to-face with Savitar, whom he had deduced to an evil future time-remnant of himself. Savitar reminds Barry of the first remnant he created to defeat Zoom and save the multiverse. It was because of his duplicate's sacrifice that his happy life would've continued until Barry created Flashpoint and changed everything. Though 2024 Barry had created multiple time remnants that died fighting Savitar, he neglected to mention to present Barry that the lone survivor was shunned by the future Team Flash because he was an aberration. Eventually, Savitar came to the conclusion that if he became a god, all the emotional pain he felt would be buried. Now all he needs to do is kill Iris to drive Barry so far into the dark that Savitar can be born, but declines to mention the second thing, saying it'd be ironic to mention it.

The reveal that Savitar is actually a future version of Barry Allen wasn't all that terribly shocking; it had, after all, been the favorite fan theory for weeks. But leave it to The Flash to hold on to a few surprises, revealing in this episode that Savitar isn't just a future Barry, but a future Barry time remnant. It's an important distinction because it means Barry doesn't go mad and turn evil. Instead, the sole surviving time remnant from his fight with Savitar comes to feel ostracized by Team Flash for being merely a copy of Barry, goes mad and becomes evil. (Confused? We've got you covered with a more detailed breakdown.)

Seeing the dramatic effect removing those worries has on Barry is eye-opening; not only for Iris, but for us. The Flash may not be an especially grim hero who is constantly brooding, but being The Flash -- beginning with his mother's murder, a direct result of his being a superhero -- has certainly taken its toll on Barry. Still, even with that darkness removed, the rebooted-Barry reveals he has the same drive to help others. Meaning that matter what, Barry is a hero at his core and always will be.

In "The Flash" Season 3, Episode 20, the identity of Savitar was finally revealed. Towards the end of the episode, Barry rushed to Savitar and confronted him. He told him that Savitar knew everything about them because he lived the moments. Savitar revealed himself and it was scar-faced Barry.

It\u2019s interesting that Gustin was so much more successful at playing multiple versions of his character here than he was a couple weeks ago in \u201cThe Once and Future Flash.\u201d His Future Emo Barry was never entirely convincing, but here Gustin was able to make a few adjustments to his posture and overall energy to make Bart and Barry feel like distinctly different characters. Then there\u2019s Gustin\u2019s take on the de-armored Savitar. This scarred, unhinged version of Barry Allen is anything but subtle, but he\u2019s effective all the same. Their early showdown helped a lot in terms of fleshing out Savitar\u2019s motivations and shedding light on why he loathes Team Flash so much. Savitar isn't technically the Barry we know and love, but he is a direct result of Barry's mistakes, past, present and future.

Kes finds herself living short periods of time in reverse order due to exposure to chronitons. She first gains consciousness in sickbay as an elderly woman, surrounded by her Ocampa family born on Voyager. The Doctor is able to put her into a biotemporal chamber to try to extend Kes's normally short life-span. Her next period of consciousness occurs some days before, where the Doctor has affirmed that Kes is suffering from mental deterioration due to her old age and his plans to use the biotemporal chamber. Kes finds it difficult to be around the members of her family whom she doesn't know. During these periods, she comes to learn that Voyager had suffered a "Year of Hell" some years before when facing a race called the Krenim that repeatedly assaulted the ship as it crossed their space, costing the lives of Captain Kathryn Janeway and B'Elanna Torres along with significant damage to the ship. As her periods of consciousness approach that point, she is able to work with the crew to postulate the nature of the Krenim temporal-based weapons and how to reverse the effects Kes is experiencing with a biotemporal chamber. The Doctor surmises that if Kes can obtain the temporal phase shift that affected her, he would be able to stop her backwards progression in time.

Dr. Plimpton shows up at the door. Sheldon insists Leonard play it cool, since years from now, Sheldon's biographer might ask him questions about this event. Dr. Plimpton remembered to write their building number on her left hand, because her right hand contained the coordinates of a new neutron star, and she didn't want to visit there since she would be crushed by hyper gravity. She says hello twice like Sheldon and Leonard did when they first greeted Penny. She appears to be a bit ditzy. Sheldon greets her, and Leonard is rather nervous to meet Dr. Plimpton, shaking her hand three times and saying "hi-lo." (A combination of hi and hello.) Sheldon apologizes because he is only an experimental physicist. Dr. Plimpton admits that some of her friends are experimental physicists, though not her best friends.

Later, she decides to visit Leonard's room because she can't sleep. He's reading her book and is on Chapter 6. She tells him a little secret that she wrote it completely naked. A confused Leonard finds that it doesn't read that way. She shows him, recites some of it and drops her robe as she quotes from her book. The two go on to have sex.

Everybody wakes up in the morning with Sheldon doing morning vocal tests and Leonard and Elizabeth coming in together. They had more than a pleasant night while giggling together. She is having coffee when Penny stops by to request a ride to work because her car is out of gas. She is introduced first to Elizabeth. Elizabeth says she was really enjoying her stay and then looks over at Leonard and giggles. Penny picks up on her body language. Sheldon suggests that she use the bathroom because she doesn't want to follow Leonard. Leonard goes to get dressed, but Penny stops him telling him that they just broke up. She doesn't care if he wants to sleep with Sheldon's doctor buddy. Sheldon is offended that Penny would suggest it. Penny isn't suggesting it. She maintains that it already happened. Sheldon is shocked at what Leonard did, who claims that it wasn't his fault. Sheldon then feels that that implies that he accidentally tripped and fell into vaginaher lady parts. Penny is not happy about this turn of events and decides to take the bus, just in case Leonard slips on a banana peel and gets her pregnant. Sheldon is shocked by the betrayal of him and doesn't want Leonard playing with his friend.

You know, on second thought, it was wrong of me to crop theTales of the TMNT frontispiece pages. They're not like comicpanels. The entire page is a work of art, and the marginscan certainly be part of that effect. I'll see if I can graduallyreplace those images with uncropped versions.

So, I've noticed new images of Wyrm, Professor Honeycutt (andwhatever's afflicting him), and my most anticipated character thisseason, Sal Commander, are up! I don't know where they came frombut I'm highly interested in where! As my new user page photo says,I can't wait for this character largely because of his voice actor,Keith David! I know we've got David Tennant already; we'll hearfrom Ron Perlman, Zelda Williams, and Peter Stormare later; and ofcourse, Pat Fraley returning as Kraang in that highly anticipated80's crossover; but Keith David is one of my favorite voice actorsof all time and I can't wait to hear what he has to bring to thetable during the space arc. I'll be looking forward to it!

This is something I've been waffling over for a while... whilewe have always allowed fan materials here, there have been timessuch as when fan art has been posted withoutknowledge/consent/credit of their creators, which has ticked offmore than a few people. There also is kind of a rapid influx of fancharacters and so forth... actually that comes and goes. At onepoint I had to make a rule or two about the fan story/charactersbecause a few people were just wantonly adding things that theythemselves were supposedly "writing" even though there's no way oneperson could be possibly doing all of that at once. And the lesssaid about the fan characters whose creators tried to cram theminto the canon, the better. 041b061a72


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