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Where To Buy Sikkens Products WORK

The PaintSource Network is where to buy Sikkens Wood Finishes, now PPG Proluxe. PaintSource ships direct to your project, with average delivery time of 2-3 days.As we integrate the new label into our inventory, now that Sikkens is now PPG ProLuxe, you may still receive some products with the old Sikkens label when you order from PaintSource.

where to buy sikkens products

Sikkens PROLUXE Wood Finishes preserve, protect, and bring out the natural beauty of all types of wood. PaintSource is where to buy Proluxe Wood Finish. PaintSource has shipped Sikkens products to thousands of friends and clients across the country since 1999.

If you are simply seeking a local dealer, contact PPG ProLuxe directly. We provide our links as a courtesy to clients who are having difficulty finding Sikkens products or Sikkens ProLuxe website. The stores listed on the PPG website are not affiliated with PaintSource. Additionally, we do not provide tech support to clients who purchased Sikkens SRD or Sikkens Rubbol at Home Depot.

Recommended Uses:Cetol SRD is for application to areas normally troublesome to coat with film-forming products. These application areas include roofs, wall shakes, shingles, and decks. One coat application.

Low, or poorly ventilated decks as well as docks, require special attention, due to the damaging effects of moisture from above and below. Film -forming products are not recommended in these applications. For these demanding applications Cetol SRD incorporates finely ground transparent iron oxide pigments in a non-film-forming formulation. These specialized pigments in combination with premium alkyd binders produce a rich, natural and uniform coloration of the wood surface, as well as providing a barrier against moisture and UV damage and offering exceptional durability in a one-coat application.Our BEST Carpenter Bee Deterrent

Sikkens Canada is an international brand of coatings, stains, and paints. The company has a long history of producing premium solutions for wood applications. Above all, it offers its products on the Canadian market, where there are numerous log homes and cabin owners. The Sikkens Cetol stain has made a great name for itself in Canada.

Most people wonder where to buy Sikkens Stain near me? This is one of the most common questions we get. Sikkens Cetol is available throughout Canada at select paint stores, but unfortunately they rarely carry enough inventory to service anything other than very small projects with limited colors. Their level of knowledge when it comes to log homes tends to be severely lacking as well.

Sikkens Cetol comes available in multiple color options that have proven to be some of the most popular over the years. Natural, Natural Oak, Cedar, Teak, Butternut, Mahogonay and Dark Oak Cetol products can be seen throughout the Canadian landscape.

Fortunately, Sikkens Canada makes all this work seem easy. The global brand for stains and coating provides premium products for wooden structures. Furthermore, it offers easy answers to FAQ about wood application maintenance, such as the ones below.

A: No. Sikkens does not recommend using these products over Sikkens Cetol 1 RE. This coating requires a high-performance topcoat that would increase its flexibility, protection, and durability. For example, you can safely use Sikkens Cetol 23 Plus RE for better results.

A: No. Sikkens does not recommend combining its products with insecticides or other products. For instance, all the Sikkens coatings, stains, and finishes already provide excellent protection for wooden applications against insect attacks.

In order to protect wood against outside influences, a special treatment is required. We offer you a wide selection of products for wood protection of the highest quality for a thoroughly tended wooden look.

For decks, siding, windows and doors PPG ProLuxe provides a distinctively rich and vibrant finish. PPG ProLuxe premium products are designed to provide unrivaled looks, durability and performance on all types of exterior wood. Find the perfect stain or finish to bring out the natural beauty of the wood in your project.

Use with repeated coats of tinted PPG Proluxe products by applying PPG Proluxe Maintenance RE Wood Finish, a compatible, clear, satin wood finish. With a single application, the wood will retain the same look and color longer and minimize blistering and cracking due to expansion and contracting of wood.

3. I was told to use Sikkens Log Pre-Treatment on my log home first, wait six months to one year and then clean and put on the Cetol products. I don't want the wood to grey. Will the Log Pre-Treatment prevent this?

Sikkens does not recommend the use of any exterior products for interior use. If it is already applied, we recommend top coating the Cetol 1 with two coats of Cetol Interior Clear or Cetol BL Interior Clear to seal the surface.

Cetol 1 and Cetol 23 Plus is a three coat system and is not recommended for a deck. In order to get durability from the product another coat should be applied. Other than removing the product and using a recommended deck system this is the only suggestion we can make. The deck products cannot be used over the Cetol 1 and Cetol 23 Plus.

No, we do not recommend adding anything to our translucent products. The Rubbol Siding Finish, Rubbol Solid Stain, and Rubbol DEK can be tinted using some of the universal tints available. No additives should be added to any of our products as they could possibly slow down drying time, change gloss levels, affect the flow of the product, etc.

New products and many more colors We will not go into detail here about all of the new products and systems that Akzo Coatings developed for industry, in the field of car lacquers and for use by the off-shore, aviation and space travel industries, etc. If we limit ourselves to the novelties in the area of decorative coatings, there is already more to report than fits on this site. Let us first mention the arrival of the color mixing systems. This technique makes it possible to create an almost endless number of colors in no time without the need for additional expensive stocks, which means a more extensive range and less cost. Not only do the painters profit from this; the DIY market can also keep up with every fashion via the Flexa shopkeeper. The modern mixing systems are even faster and more precise than the 'old' ones thanks to computer technology.

The rapid changes of today The linked international research of Akzo Coatings started up an ongoing flow of new and improved products: Stronger transparent lacquers in the 'Filter 7' range, where small in-built mirrors prevent destructive UV radiation; Water-based paint systems and 'High Solids' that reduce the environmentally damaging emission of solvent substances; Interior paints that produce special effects, and Systems for hard wearing, decorative floor and wall finishing. The number of possibilities is so great that even the expert has to refer to the documentation. Fortunately Akzo Coatings has plenty of this. Do not, therefore, base your choice of paint on the experience of last year, last week or even yesterday. The world of color and paint, of protection and decoration changes by the day. There are always surprising possibilities.

Solid color stains offer over 60 colors and are available at PPG stores and local paint stores that sell PPG products. If you live in Raleigh, Spectrum Paint conveniently sells semi-transparent and solid-color Sikkens stains. Here are some of our most popular color options.

In short, AkzoNobel products are known for its advanced technology. Customers come to NCS SSI for Automotive Paint, Aerospace Coatings, Agricultural Coatings, Industrial Coatings, Semi Truck Paint, Fleet Coatings, Oil & Gas Pipeline Coatings, Marine Coatings, and Sports Coatings. At NCS SSI, we carry Water Based Paint and Solvent Based Paint, Acrylics, Alkyds, Epoxies, Latex Resins, Polyurethanes, and Urethanes. In addition to a wide range of Primers, Basecoats, Topcoats, Activators, Tints, Toners etc. from AkzoNobel.

Typically with maintenance coats, pigmented products will further darken the wood. Not so with a one coat application of PPG Proluxe Maintenance RE Wood Finish Clear, the wood will remain the same color! The high solids alkyd resin and UV Absorbers add High performance UV Protection, Preventing greying and deterioration of the wood surface.FREE SHIPPING on 5 gallons pails to the Continental Contiguous USAThis Product Does Not Pass Restricted VOC's Regulations (Volatile Organic Compounds) in many states and areas. Please check below before purchasing!!!If you choose to purchase this product and you reside in a restricted area, your order will be canceled and You will be charged a 10% processing fee against your refund!

PPG Proluxe Maintenance RE CLEAR (Reduced Emissions) Wood Finish is a premium, nondarkening, colorless exterior finish that can only be applied to a vertical wood surface that has been previously coated with Cetol Log & Siding Wood Finish or the Cetol 1 RE/Cetol 23 Plus RE system, where the surface is in good condition and has been maintained according to PPG guidelines.

Here at Trade Paint Direct, we stock a wide range of Sikkens wood staining products; Sikkens offers one of the most diverse selections of wood stains currently on the market. These stains can be used for applications such as interiors, decks, siding and doors and windows. Offering choices including primers, finish coats and wood fillers, this variety is only superseded by the well-known longevity of all Sikkens products. Additionally, finishes such as satin, gloss, semi-transparent, transparent and opaque are available. This enables the Sikkens line of wood stains and treatments to be ideally suited for a wide variety of projects. While these options are indeed impressive, all of these products will also provide the highest levels of durability. For those who seek a higher quality than domestic stains, the value of these trade materials cannot be overstated. 041b061a72


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